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  • Glendale to host pop-up clinic to administer the clot shot

    City of Glendale Partners with the Armenian American Medical Society and Veritas Vaccine to Host a Pop-Up Health Fair and COVID Vaccine Clinic They make seem so nice, so helpful, so normal.  Its a “health fair with free medical screenings, as well as COVID-19 vaccinations from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. The event will take […]

  • First assignment

    Hi, Guys; Things have been quiet around here, but now things are popping.  The first thing is going to be address Critical Race Theory.  Things are in motion and here is how you can help. Information on what is going on in the schools is vital.  What I need is for you to have nice […]

  • The counter revolution will be a tough fight, CRT is just the start

    The fight of a small Texas city against Critical Race Theory throws important light on what it takes to win.  The American Mind carries the story, including a concise summary of what is needed: There are four lessons to learn from the Southlake victory: Use Freedom of Information Act requests to get the real story […]

  • Critical Race Theory

    Over at there is a very interesting article with video (below) discussing the four principal tenets of Critical Race Theory.  I actually find the title of the article: “THINK ABOUT THIS: Black Pastor Explains Four Basic Tenets of Critical Race Theory” irritating because I don’t see the relevance of his skin color to this […]

  • Indications of immanent Deep State false flag operation

    Dr. Fauci and dangerous virus experimentation Rand Paul pushes legislation to outlaw dangerous virus experiments Husband/wife army docs gunned down on own front lawn Medical/Nutritional blogger warned

  • The Communist tactics of ideological subversion – Demoralization

    To have a successful Counter Revolution you must understand the how of the Revolution.  Step 1, Demoralization is complete. Ask me how

  • The persecution continues

    The Canadian authorities decided that they have had enough of the outspoken pastor’s defiance and yesterday sent the Calgary Police to arrest Pastor Artur Pawlowski after another “illegal” service.   A swarm of them pulled the vehicle he was in over and took him and his brother into custody.  The fact that the officers were typically […]

  • Voter fraud – worse than you can possibly imagine

    O.M.G.!  Your Irascible Correspondent did not believe it was possible to be any more outraged at the betrayal of the United States of America, but I was wrong.   Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben of American Intelligence Media have been digging around for quite some time and unearthed devastating web of information regarding the 2020 rigged […]

  • Living examples of revolution and counter revolution

    Today we take a quick look of this week’s example of Revolution and counter revolution.  On the revolution side, standing for the Marxist civilization destroying death cult we have Professors Gina Harris and Ralph Martire of Roosevelt University chatting on a hot mike.  The most disturbing thing about this clip is not so much that […]

  • Special ops guys discuss the fight to restore the country

    This  is  a great  discussion,  very  useful to Patriots working to restore the Republic.Listen to it again and take notes, it is that good. Here is a link to the interview he mentioned. Here he is being interviewed on InfoWars. Here is a link to the story of the Vietnam veteran arrested for pulling a […]