Glendale to host pop-up clinic to administer the clot shot

City of Glendale Partners with the Armenian American Medical Society and Veritas Vaccine to Host a Pop-Up Health Fair and COVID Vaccine Clinic

They make seem so nice, so helpful, so normal.  Its a “health fair with free medical screenings, as well as COVID-19 vaccinations from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. The event will take place on Central Avenue between the Glendale Galleria mall and The Americana. No appointment is required for any of the offerings. Both Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines will be available at the location.”

At a Zoom City Council meeting the Mayor declared that it was a myth that anyone had died of the Covid-19 shots.  As usual leftist facts are spun from thin air and baloney, for them the facts are whatever they need you to believe so they can get their way.  Never will they stoop to actually investigate the facts of record, else they would have actually researched the VAERS database and there seen the thousands of deaths attributed to the WuFlu recorded there.

So now, on the strength of a purely political approval process that illegally circumvented all the standards for moving a vaccine from “Experimental” to ”Safe”, the Wokesters infesting Glendale’s City leadership have decided to have a “Health Fair” with free death jabs.  Oh, frabjous day!  The mad rush to stick every arm with an unproven RNA treatment can advance post haste into irreversible long term consequences!  Callooh!  Callay!

Now we have the answer to St. Paul’s famous question, “Death, where is thy victory?  Death, where is they sting?”  Why, it’s in Glendale, next to the Galleria, Wednesday evening 6-9.

All aware Patriots are invited and encouraged to register their opinion of this overreach. Bring signs, be ready to yell.  Let’s have a peaceful protest.

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  1. mykel Jaye Avatar
    mykel Jaye

    What a bummer… I just found this today..Ugh. And I live in Glendale close to where the death jab was being given to those wishing to be Guinea pigs for the murderers administering it.
    Pity that at this point I time, with the plethora of indisputable evidence of such, that there are still those like the mayor, making mindless moronic moves misinforming many more into the abyss of certain death and injury….ignoring and not even researching any of this…making it a crime, in my opinion anyway. I do research myself and host an online news n info show 6 days a week. Seeing events like this so carelessly put on and promoted only shows 2 things…either very stupid one’s doing this, or them being a part of the “death squad ” as I call them.
    Oh that God ALMIGHTY would shower down his judgment upon those of evil intent.
    Thanks for putting this article out…good job. I wish I got to it earlier bcuz i would’ve gladly gone there,and freely shared my research n info n Tru numbers of those injured or dead from the very think..the very deadly intentional poison they are freely giving out to others. Be well. Mykel Jaye

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