Suggested response to FBI raid on Mar a Lago

The fact that I need to talk about a response to the FBI raid is an admission of my failure.  I had hoped to coordinate with MAGA Republican groups and Jeffry Prather’s SoCal Team America, which has resulted in Jack Diddly Squat.  I accept responsibility for that.

As near as I can tell, Patriots are well behind the curve, everything the Puppet Regime does catches us flat footed.  This should not be.  We know the strategic aims and so can fairly well anticipate the kinds of initiatives they will be pushing both on the operational and propaganda sides.

Have we developed a support network with our immediate neighbors?  If not, start.  Yes, it is rather late, but so what, you begin where you begin.  Begin now.  The best solution is to connect with your like minded neighbors.  Walk your precinct, knock on doors.  Do you have a better place to start?  If you need a precinct walking list send me your (or your neighbor’s if you are shy) address and I will get one to you by email.  Print it out in whole or in part (some can be quite lengthy).  How to do this?  Just do regular precinct walking, knocking on doors.  Instead of dropping off literature (which you might not have), conduct a survey.  Have your questions on a clip board and ask them right there at the door.  Collate the result of your survey and share it with the people whether they responded or not.  Wear your MAGA hat, if they don’t spit in your eye they could possibly be an ally that could be converted into a team member.  Work up to having regular neighborhood discussion groups on topics of local interest (hint: see survey).

Get into brief discussions with people.  Ask if they would like to discuss these issues with their neighbors.  Ask if they would like to host such a discussion.  Regularly keep in touch with these people, providing information about current events.  Appoint block captains.  Throw pot luck parties connected with national or religious holidays.  Reach out to adjacent precincts.  Encourage Bible studies, or American history studies, study the Constitution, whatever.  The point is to get people to have a sense of community and sources of information outside of social media and the mainstream organs of propaganda.

One glaring deficiency in the Patriot arsenal, which I will just mention here, is crowd tactics.  All the mass demonstrations on the right I have seen so far have no strategic objective, much less mastery of tactics to achieve those objectives.  Most demonstrations amount to “We don’t like what you’re doing and we want you to stop.”  Yes, the people can make their voices heard, the powers that be hear, and don’t care.  Another mass bellyache, ho-hum.  This does not mean burning things down as the thugs on the left do.  There can be much fruitful discussion of  this point.

That’s it for now.  Let me know your thoughts in the Contact Us.

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