Why Republicans have been acting out battered wife syndrome since 1982

Consequent upon a lawsuit brought by the DNC against the RNC for inappropriate electioneering actions taken by the New Jersey Republicans in the run up to the 1980 election, the RNC signed a 35 year Consent Decree stipulating that it would not challenge Democrat election improprieties. Then they hid it from us. That Consent Decree was voided in 2018 following the 2018 midterm elections. Anticipating that the Decree would be voided, the DNC launched the Russia Collusion campaign against President Trump while at the same time ramping up their Divide and Conquer tactics, pitting different classes of Americans against one another as a means to maintain power.

The Jonathan E P. Moore blog tells the whole ugly story. The relevant legal documents, incredibly, can be found at the Brennan Center for Justice. Patriot Readers are strongly encouraged to do their own research. Your Irascible Correspondent has nothing to add to the facts, despicable as they are.

In short, rather than face the penalties associated with their inappropriate actions (targeting minority communities specifically with messages warning about voter fraud rather than messaging the population generally), the Republicans sold out their own base and the Nation as a whole. So for 35 years the Democrats have had a free hand to develop election fortification measures without complaint or hindrance from the Republicans. Evidently Republican politicians and Party pooh-bahs at some point decided that if they couldn’t beat them it would be OK to join them. Quite apart from the Communist infiltrators the GOP decided that ‘go along to get along’ would be the order of the day, the nation be damned.

Even though the Consent Decree has expired and been voided the institutional GOP (aka RINOs) continues to act out their battered wife syndrome, preferring to scrounge the scraps tossed their way by the Democrats so long as they are able to have a place at the taxpayer trough. Your Irascible Correspondent does NOT find this situation acceptable in the slightest degree.

Therefore I declare my personal support for Donald Trump for President in 2024 (provided we still have a Republic by then), despite his flaws and missteps, as he, and he alone, has the ability and stones to expose and destroy the Republican/Democrat Uniparty and the Deep State.

Further, I detailed how a takeover of the GOP could be done back in July of 2020, following the results of the California Primary that year, and reiterated it a couple of days ago. It was a call to action that garnered no response. We’ve been had by the GOP, time to put a stop to the scam. Despite the necessity of fighting a war with a totalitarian death cult that makes Mao’s Cultural Revolution look like the warm up band for Armageddon we need to fight a civil war within the Republican Party for our survival of our country. There is, in my view, no other organization that can be coopted and forged into a tool for Victory America.

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