We the People’s effective remedy for government malfeasance

I see how true it is that God raises up the lowly and casts down the mighty; it should be America’s theme song. Below is the interview of David Jose with Jovan Hutton Pulitzer. Below that is Mr. Jose’s own video where he more fully explains himself and his Constitution based program to wrest control of our nation from the hands of these Marxist stooges and restore it to We the People where it belongs. Below that is a link to the website where you can petition the Arizona legislature for redress of this month’s failed 2022 election. This is very important information, but it is only as good as the use to which We the People put it. More will be revealed. We are only as powerless as believe ourselves to be. Our government has dedicated itself to keeping us ignorant and afraid. It is time and past time to reclaim our power as Children of God, and exercise it according to His holy will.

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