The Red Ripple

A lot of people are disappointed, including my own disappointed self, your long suffering Irascible Correspondent, that the Red  Tsunami™ didn’t wash the Commie-crats right out of their seats and into the Sewer of History.  It would have been so sweet, so SATISFYING to hear them launch their anguished screams into the mocking, indifferent sky as their heads explode into pink mists of disappointment and rage.  (Bring it, LORD!)

Ah, well.

I guess after all the build up about the afore mentioned Red  Tsunami™  it isn’t too surprising that so many on the Right are wailing and gnashing their teeth, imagining themselves to have been cast out into the electoral outer darkness where the Wokesters never sleep and the Agitprop never dies.  I get that, but despair is premature, friends.

First, consider who was telling us that a Red  Tsunami™ was coming.  Was it not our untrusty liars for hire in the Propaganda Press?  That should have been a clue right there.  Do we really need another lesson on why not to trust the Drive By Media?  Seems we do.  It was all a psyop (psychological operation) to suppress the Republican/Conservative vote.  “Things are going swimmingly, why not stay home?  There are plenty of others that are going to vote, my vote doesn’t matter that much anyway.”  I’m sure some people got complacent and stayed home; shame on them, they took the bait.  And, yeah, kudos to all y’all (that is TOTALLY grammatical) that swam out to vote on Tuesday.  Proud of y’all.

For the 2,723,045th time: DON’T TRUST THE MEDIA, BE IT LEGACY, DEAD TREE OR SOCIAL!  You can tell they are lying to you because they are saying something.  It is literally that simple.  Turn everything they say upside down and you won’t be wrong.  Best solution: turn them off entirely.


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It is true that we did not win as much as we might have; there are reasons for that.  For starters, the Red  Tsunami™  had to get over the fortifications the Demon-crats had erected in many places, not all made it over the top.  Witness PA, where Feckless Fetterman, the Human Lump of Play-Doh,  beat out Dr. Oz.  Oz was a poor candidate for our side, can’t figure out why President Trump tipped him instead of more qualified candidates, but the results are an indication of Election Fortification.

Even now in Maricopa County, AZ Trump endorsed candidates are fighting hard in a well fortified election, and it will have to go all the way to the wire before the outcome is known.  They are not the only ones, there are still a few nail-biters in play.

Nor is out side beset only by the Democrats, important people allegedly on our side did their best to sink viable MAGA candidates.  Witness Mitch McConnell who stripped millions of RNC dollars from strong Republican candidates to support Murkowski the RINO in Alaska in her race against ANOTHER REPUBLICAN!  Or Lindsey ‘Squish-Squish’ Graham who, when the Radical Moloch worshipers had hung themselves on the repeal of Roe vs. Wade, activated the rabid pro abortion crowd by proposing that the Republicans ban abortion nationwide.  Or the House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, who missed no opportunity to step on and undercut Conservative Republican candidates.    With friends like these . . .

Some are laying this supposed ‘defeat’ at the feet of President Trump.  That’s B.S.  Trump did not force the RINOs to act as they did and undercut the Republican base.  What’s more, most of his endorsements got elected.  He has been the driving force in the whole Make America Great Again movement, essentially he has been working to remake the Republican Party in the image of the Republican Base.  At the moment both the Democrat and Republican leadership reflect the interests of the Marxist aligned, World Economic Forum loving, self proclaimed ‘elites.’   The American founding specifically and categorically rejected both Monarchy and Aristocracy.

A commenter over at Sarah Hoyt’s According to Hoyt blog lays out the case:

1. Iowa and Florida did the hard work to clean up voting. They had blowout victories.

2. Guam doesn’t have voting power. Thus not worth frauding. They had a blowout victory.

3. Iowa had tons of abortion, reeeeeee campaigning. The result was to turn redder.

From that we can make some conclusions:

1. It’s the fraud. Anyone who is taking the abortion talking point can kindly stuff it.

2. It’s the fraud. If you aren’t interested in doing the hard local work to clean it up, you aren’t interested in winning.

3. We have a mild win. Why are y’all casting it as the defeat to end all defeats? I don’t care how much of a losing fetish you have. If you must indulge it hire a dominatrix and do it in private.

Ian Bruene

Once we get the majority in the House we need to get to work on 1. cleaning up the election process in our State, and 2. clean out the RINOs in our Party.  We didn’t come to this pass in a day or a week or a year, nor will we clean it up in a day or a week or a year.  This is going to take years of patient, mostly thankless work behind the scenes, which is why only a few will be both suitable and fewer still willing to undertake it.

Remember that the Revolutionary War lasted from 1775 to 1783, eight years of war where people were getting shot, their property looted and their persons imprisoned.  What we are going through now is just the beginning of the beginning.  The sooner we decide to buckle down and to the work, as opposed to waiting for somebody else to do the work, the sooner it will be over.

America’s enemies are many, clever and powerful.  But they are nowhere near as powerful as We the People aroused.

So wake the Hell up, put your shoulder to the wheel and get to work.

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