The case against Covid “vaccine” amnesty

Del Bigtree presents an excellent case for withholding “amnesty”, essentially forgiveness, and the conditions under which which forgiveness can be offered. Particularly here in California where Gavin “Noisome” Newsom retains the emergency powers he arrogated to himself during the Great WuFlu Panic, an “amnesty” is just not in the cards. What he articulates is actually the proper path of forgiveness as articulated in the Holy Scriptures. This goes not only for the Great WuFlu Panic, but every single initiative coming from the Left from corrupting our children with Marxist ideology in the schools, from grooming our kids to become eunuchs and sex addicts, to the invasion coming across our borders to, well, everything. The people and organizations who perpetrated this, who are still perpetrating this, need to held accountable, suffer the penalties due their actions, make such restitution as they can, express remorse, and forever be banned from any position of public trust, public office or public influence.

Forgiveness does not mean forgetting. Never forget.

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