Opposing gender ideology in the Glendale Unified School District – critique and remedy

Last week we looked at the growing opposition to the transgender ideology being promoted in the Glendale Unified School District.  There was in fact, a very vocal group at the latest School Board meeting, most of whom clearly stated their opposition to this vile Woke insanity and who wanted Assistant Superintendent Kelly King fired.  Whereas your Irascible Correspondent agrees that Kelly King’s behavior is reprehensible and worthy of being offered the opportunity to seek employment elsewhere, she is just a symptom of a larger problem.

The Glendale Board of Education are perfectly aware that the pupils of the District are being inducted into the Cult of Woke through the transgender ideology, and they support it, just as they support the other Woke dogmas.  They are basically running top cover for the program and a number of Woke operatives among the teachers and the District’s staff.  In fact the whole educational system is riddled with operatives zealously advancing radical Wokeism in all its forms.  These teachers and support staff have been radicalized in their own teacher colleges and unions.  These are the foot soldiers fighting a war that has been ongoing for over 80 years.

Most Americans have been unaware that we have been at war with enemies secretly subverting our institutions and our culture from within.  It is only now as these “agents of change”, as they style themselves, are confident that they have the upper hand and are more openly striking at what is most valuable to the average person, particularly their families, that the average American is becoming aware of the danger.  The danger is not one bad actor, the danger is the army assaulting all of America’s families, institutions and culture.

On December 7, 1941 the Empire of Japan attacked the U.S. Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  Imagine if American civilians witnessing the attack had expressed their outrage that a bomb had fallen close to their neighborhood and demanded of that pilot’s commanding officer that that individual pilot be recalled back to his carrier and be discharged from the Imperial Japanese Navy.  What would the result of that have been?  The result would have been nothing.  Even if that pilot’s commanding officer had paid any heed to such a demand, the attack on Pearl Harbor would have continued, as would the war.

Obviously the war against the Empire of Japan and the war in which we are now engaged are very different and must be fought in different ways.  Bullets and bombs, navies and armies cannot be our weapons, which does not mean that we are without effective remedy.  As heartening as it is to see that over 3,000 have signed the Kelly King Must Go petition, that in itself is not sufficient to move the needle.  It is a great step in creating awareness of the problem and coalescing an activated interest group.  Now there needs to be effective follow up.

Your Irascible Correspondent strongly suggests that now the axe needs to be laid at the root of the problem, starting with formal notice to Board of Education.  I have prepared just such a notice below.  As you, Loyal Patriot, read through this notice you will be learning things which the Powers That Be neglected to teach us in school.  I assure you that what you learn the members of the School Board will be equally surprised, and shocked, to learn.  This notice will have to be delivered to each member of the Board at least twice before moving on to the next step should they fail to respond.  I suggest that as many people as possible download, print, sign, date and either deliver it in person to the GUSD offices (bring a witness and/or have the receptionist sign a receipt) or send it by certified mail.

This procedure has been effective in other places across the country.  In some cases Board members have actually run out of the room rather than be served.

Here is the proposed Notice:
Notice to Glendale School Board

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