Effective tool for securing and sustaining liberty in America – here’s how to use it

The People have all political power.  The People are guaranteed a republican form of government.  The government is the servant of the People and in all things are subject to them.  The government’s primary obligation, sworn by oath, is to secure the rights of the People.  The People have the absolute right to peaceably assemble to consult together for their common welfare and happiness.  The People have the inalienable right to make their will known to their servants in government.  Should the  government fail to faithfully serve the People the People have the indefeasable right at any time to reform, alter or abolish it.  This includes removing ineffective servants and replacing them with those we believe will serve us better.

The foregoing are fundamental principles enshrined in the United States Constitution and in the Constitutions of each of the individual States including our own California State Constitution.  Don’t believe me?  Go read it.  These Constitutions are no longer taught in our schools at any level.  Worse, those of us who were better taught have forgotten what we once knew and have allowed ourselves to believe the repeated propaganda whose goal it is to make the People the slaves and servants of government and those who have usurped the People’s power.

This lamentable state of affairs is what is destroying the greatest nation in the history of the world.  We all know this.  All remedy to this point has been ineffective because we have not used the remedy given to us by the Founders: petition for redress of grievances.  Yes, plenty of petitions have been signed and handed to our government to no avail.  They did not avail because they did not stand in the natural authority which is our inherent right.  We came as supplicant servants not as proper masters.  Further, we have not supported ourselves on the firm foundation of fundamental law.

Having consulted together, then we must inform our servants in government of what is making us unhappy about their service, and how we want it fixed to assure our greater happiness.  We must put them on notice.  It is unreasonable and unjust to expect them to act according to our desires unless we have first made our desires known.  If after having been duly notified they still disregard the will of the People they must then be presented with an affidavit which formally warns them that there will be unpleasant consequences for them if they do not obey.  If after having been warned they are still disobedient then an arbitration action must be commenced.

Let us begin, then, by serving proper notices to our government servants at home and supporting our brothers and sisters in other States.  We the People are speaking, join your voice by signing the various petitions below.  You will be asked to give your name and email, and to provide your autograph (signature).  This last is awkward but necessary.  Draw it with your mouse and don’t worry that it looks horrible, just do it.


ALL PEOPLE ALL 50 STATES PLEASE AUTOGRAPH AND SHARE!!! Since this Notice is only written for Indiana, please show your support for the People of Indiana. This Notice is to prevent the passing of ANY Bill written that goes against the Constitutions. The accountablility is placed on naming and writing on a one subject bill, must read and show proof of reading, and showing that People’s Common Opinion is the Authority in law to name a few. Finally, it outlines the wrong thinking of writing unconstitutional bills and concludes with the list of demands to write ALL bills constitutionally correct. THIS NOTICE CAN BE ADAPTED FOR ANY OTHER STATE

All People All 50 States Please Sign&Share! This Jotform Notice is going to Indiana Public Officials. Please Help the People Multiple Their Voices & Stand With Us for Free Speech in Public Assembly without Time Limit Restrictions by Our Elected Servants. Thank you for participating! God Bless!

We the People demand US Congress immediately investigate the repeated attacks on our natural resources those of our land, air and water via the many train derailments and other hazardous disasters across our nation!

We the People will not allow the Legislature to make an Unconstitutional Amendment to the Connecticut Constitution via an Unlawful Resolution which would deprive the People and Citizens of their God-given Natural Rights!

We the People demand immediate clarity from our public officers who are delegated agents of the People.  Do the People have the ability, by guaranteed right, to change government when it has become inadequate?

All People of All States, please sign this Notice providing the All Trustees and Servants of the State of Washington with a Frequent Recurrence of the Fundamental Principles of Law!

All People of all states Please sign this Notice as We the People are demanding full transparency regarding the attempt to lease 162,000 acres of public land to the Michigan National Guard!

These are some of the notices in play at the moment.  There will be others.  We need to author our own notices for our concerns in California, Los Angeles County, our City Councils and School Boards.  Now that we have read these notices we have reliable guides for our own.

Just because I know you will ask, yes, these notices have achieved great success.  So why haven’t you heard about this?  First, because this movement is still in its infancy, fewer than 1 in 3 million know about it yet.  Second, were you expecting to hear about this on TV?  The politicians and their media lapdogs have a vested interest in keeping the People ignorant.

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