Glendale to host pop-up clinic to administer the clot shot

City of Glendale Partners with the Armenian American Medical Society and Veritas Vaccine to Host a Pop-Up Health Fair and COVID Vaccine Clinic

They make seem so nice, so helpful, so normal.  Its a “health fair with free medical screenings, as well as COVID-19 vaccinations from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. The event will take place on Central Avenue between the Glendale Galleria mall and The Americana. No appointment is required for any of the offerings. Both Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines will be available at the location.”

At a Zoom City Council meeting the Mayor declared that it was a myth that anyone had died of the Covid-19 shots.  As usual leftist facts are spun from thin air and baloney, for them the facts are whatever they need you to believe so they can get their way.  Never will they stoop to actually investigate the facts of record, else they would have actually researched the VAERS database and there seen the thousands of deaths attributed to the WuFlu recorded there.

So now, on the strength of a purely political approval process that illegally circumvented all the standards for moving a vaccine from “Experimental” to ”Safe”, the Wokesters infesting Glendale’s City leadership have decided to have a “Health Fair” with free death jabs.  Oh, frabjous day!  The mad rush to stick every arm with an unproven RNA treatment can advance post haste into irreversible long term consequences!  Callooh!  Callay!

Now we have the answer to St. Paul’s famous question, “Death, where is thy victory?  Death, where is they sting?”  Why, it’s in Glendale, next to the Galleria, Wednesday evening 6-9.

All aware Patriots are invited and encouraged to register their opinion of this overreach. Bring signs, be ready to yell.  Let’s have a peaceful protest.

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First assignment

Hi, Guys;

Things have been quiet around here, but now things are popping.  The first thing is going to be address Critical Race Theory.  Things are in motion and here is how you can help.

Information on what is going on in the schools is vital.  What I need is for you to have nice chats with any teachers you may know and get a feeling for what they are seeing and thinking.  Make special note of any who are hesitant about or opposed to CRT – these are your moles inside the educational establishment.

What I’m interested in are the following:

  1. What are the they hearing from their school administration?
    1.  are they being told to teach it?
    2. if so, how enthusiastic is the push?
    3. do they have materials, and if so, can you get copies or lists?
    4. are there planned inserv days dedicated to it?
  2. What are they hearing from their fellow teachers?
  3. Have they heard anything from the parents?
  4. Has the administration provided guidelines for dealing with parents?  If so can you get a copy?

Don’t be pushy or insistent, that might make them reluctant to share in the future.  Maintain a nice, casual conversation, leave it on friendly terms.

Please email me at or call or text me a 626-900-3758

Good luck!


The counter revolution will be a tough fight, CRT is just the start

The fight of a small Texas city against Critical Race Theory throws important light on what it takes to win.  The American Mind carries the story, including a concise summary of what is needed:

There are four lessons to learn from the Southlake victory:

  • Use Freedom of Information Act requests to get the real story
  • Recruit qualified candidates who reflect the community’s values
  • Start early to build a real grassroots base
  • Run a professional political campaign

Not specifically mentioned, but clear when you read (and by all means PLEASE READ) the story, is relentless determination and grit.  We have the tools, now we need relentless Patriots to use the tools.  Calls for volunteers will be going out soon.  Search your soul and decide that will do something within the limits of your strength, to take back our republic one door knock, one phone call, one personal contact at a time.


Critical Race Theory

Over at there is a very interesting article with video (below) discussing the four principal tenets of Critical Race Theory.  I actually find the title of the article: “THINK ABOUT THIS: Black Pastor Explains Four Basic Tenets of Critical Race Theory” irritating because I don’t see the relevance of his skin color to this pastor’s presentation.  It would not matter if his melanin content were other than it is, or if his ancestors hailed from any other continent on the globe.  Truth is truth, regardless of who speaks it, just as a lie is still a lie no matter who tells it.  It all strikes me as a kind of self conscious pandering which is a concession to the lies the Marxists are wanting us to believe.

Anyhow, here is the Pastor himself, Voddie Bauchman of the Flat Creek Baptist Church.  I just wish they had included the rest of his sermon.

So the question has to be asked, what is the point of Critical Race Theory?  Yes, sure, to scapegoat Whites in retaliation for evils past and present, real and imagined.  It will have the function of compensating for a sense of inferiority that non-Whites are presumed to have: “I’m OK because you are not.”  That certainly seems plausible, but your Irascible Correspondent believes there is a deeper, more nefarious reason.

All religious systems rely on a universal mechanism to maintain social harmony as first remarked on by René Girard in his 1972 seminal work “Violence and the Sacred,” which subsequently became the focal point of his professional life.  The central thesis of his work is that when the mechanisms in society which moderate envy among its members break down then society begins to come apart which is marked by an increase in violence.  The solution is to sacrifice a human victim on whom the entire rage of the society is displaced, which ritual murder then resolves the tension and restores harmonious relations among the members.  This bloody mechanism is present in all societies ancient and modern, primitive and sophisticated.

The way out of this cycle, according to Girard, is Christianity, in which a single blameless victim is forever present, drawing to Himself and defusing the ire of the world through all ages.  It was this realization that restored him to the Catholic Faith which he had abandoned in the French educational system.  For those interested “Violence Unveiled, Humanity at the Crossroads” by Gil Bailie, an erudite and beautifully written exposition of these themes.

In our own land we have seen in our time Christianity greatly diminished and in its place the rise of Marxist Socialism in the guise of “Progressivism,” a religion no less dark and bloody than any of its preceding iterations.  In fact, wherever Socialism, or Communism – Socialism in a hurry – has gained control, dissolving the traditional glue of social cohesion is a primary goal, and inevitably the hallmarks of Socialism quickly appear: Famine, Terror, Failure and Mass Murder.

Critical Race Theory appears to prepare the ground for the last of these, Mass Murder.  Critical Race Theory is a religious dogma used by the current Communist regime, which is envy based, as they all are, to engender, engorge and direct the anger of supposed victims to designated perpetrators, Whites, working them up into a killing rage in preparation for a killing spree.  It is the moral justification for the mass murder of Whites wherever Western Civilization has been displaced by Marxist barbarism.  Of course, the fundamental problem is not the Original Sin of Whiteness, but Original Sin itself, which because it cannot be expunged by bloody paroxysms of violence, nor cleansed by the Blood of the One Spotless Victim (since they deny Him), remains to reignite the cycle.  Always, the first victims of the cycle of violence are only the first victims, there are always more.

It is this author’s hope and belief that America in on the cusp of another Great Awakening, which alone can restore our nation, and our own souls.


Indications of immanent Deep State false flag operation

Dr. Fauci and dangerous virus experimentation

Rand Paul pushes legislation to outlaw dangerous virus experiments

Husband/wife army docs gunned down on own front lawn

Medical/Nutritional blogger warned


The Communist tactics of ideological subversion – Demoralization

To have a successful Counter Revolution you must understand the how of the Revolution.  Step 1, Demoralization is complete.

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The persecution continues

Click to view the Pastor’s arrest

The Canadian authorities decided that they have had enough of the outspoken pastor’s defiance and yesterday sent the Calgary Police to arrest Pastor Artur Pawlowski after another “illegal” service.   A swarm of them pulled the vehicle he was in over and took him and his brother into custody.  The fact that the officers were typically Canadian nice does not obscure the fact that a totalitarian regime cannot allow, cannot tolerate non compliance with their diktats, however trivial and absurd.  In fact such rules are enacted and enforced precisely to impress upon the populace the irresistible power of their overlords.  It never hurts to remind the huddled masses who’s boss.

I am certain that Pastor Pawlowski knew full well what was coming, and embraced it.  I will wager he will continue his ministry in prison.  The fact that Canadian prisons are not as brutal as the Communist prisons under Soviet occupation does not diminish the fact that he is being persecuted for his faith which he dared practice openly even after being told to desist.  As is so typical of Marxist regimes everywhere, churches are among the first social institutions to be attacked, precisely because they owe allegiance to a Higher Power.   Such regimes aim to establish themselves as the highest power and will brook no rivals.  Further, they go after the leadership because they know that without a shepherd the scattered flock will be easy pickings.

This is not the beginning, it has been ramping up for several years, Google “pastor threatened for preaching” and you will get a long list of instances of pastors threatened for preaching the Bible going back a number of years.  This is nothing new, it has been going on for centuries.  Nor is it alien to the US despite the 1st Amendment protections.  Nor should it be thought that it is happening in distant lands (it is), it is current and close to home.  We are well past the beginning, but nowhere close to the end of this.  The orchestra of tyranny, I’m sorry to say, is just tuning up, the worst of this particular cycle is not that far ahead of us.

America is one branch of Western Civilization whose foundations are rooted deep in Roman law, Greek philosophy and Christianity.  Marxism is not so much a new religion as a heresy of Christianity, substituting love of power for love of God.  In order to triumph the Marxists know that they must break the connection between man and God in order to substitute submission to the state for the believer’s submission to the will of God.  An integral part of that substitution revolves around the destruction of the moral order.

Interestingly, Lenin, following Marx’s theory that Christian morality was a bourgeois affectation, he initially promoted moral collapse among the Russian people by making divorce easy, promoting atheism, homosexuality,  promiscuity, abortion and withdrawing support for families.  It did not take long before he was forced to reverse that policy as Russian society, already hammered by the crises of the Czars, World War I, the 1917 October Revolution and the subsequent wars between the various Communist factions, was falling apart.  He realized that he could not build any kind of nation when the people were bereft of a moral sense and dedicated to depravity.  Which is why the KGB invested so much time and effort all over the world to influence operations designed to promote the very policies shown to have nearly wrecked the Revolution in Russia, the very policies advocated by the Leftist  Progressives today.

In 1943, a Jesuit priest and ant-fascist activist named Tomislave Poglajen fled his native Croatia one step ahead of the Gestapo and settled in Czechoslovakia.  To conceal himself from the Nazis he assumed his Slovak mother’s name – Kolakovic – and took up a teaching position in Bratislava. . .  The priest had spent some of his priestly training studying the Soviet Union.  He believed that the defeat of Nazi totalitarianism would occasion a great conflict between Soviet totalitarianism and the liberal democratic West.  Though Father Kolakovic worried about the threats to Christian life and witness from the rich, materialistic West, he was far more concerned about the dangers of Communism, which he saw, correctly, as an imperialistic ideology.
. . .
Because he knew how the Soviets thought, Father Kolakovic  . . . warned Slovak Catholics that when the war ended, Czechoslovakia would fall to the rule of a Soviet puppet government.  He dedicated himself to preparing them for persecution.

He correctly foresaw that the Communists would try to control the Church by subduing the clergy.  For another he understood that the spiritual trials would put them to an extreme test.  The charismatic pastor preached that only a total life commitment to Christ would enable them to withstand the coming trial.
. . .
Giving oneself to Christ was not an abstraction or pious thought.  It needed to be concrete and it needed to be communal. . .  Inspired by the example of the Young Christian Workers movement in France, Fr. Kolakovic adapted it to the needs of … German occupied Slovakia.  He established cells of faithful young Catholics who came together for prayer, study and fellowship.

from Live Not By Lies – a Manual for Christian Dissidents, by Rod Dreher

Thus was born the anti Communist underground that spread throughout Eastern Europe, far beyond its Catholic roots, steadfastly resisted the Soviets for over fifty years, kept the Faith and the national culture alive, and provided the backbone of leadership when the Soviets collapsed.  They were tested by vicious persecution, calumny, prison, torture, deprivation, and, not uncommonly, unto death.  Now our time is upon us.  We have a brief window in which to prepare.

Get yourself ready!  Stand up and say to them whatever I command you.  Do not be terrified of them or I will terrify you before them.  Today I have made you a fortified city, an iron pillar and a bronze wall to stand against the whole land – against the kings of Judah, its officials, its priests and the people of the land.  They will fight against  you but will not overcome you, for I am with you and will rescue you, declares the LORD.   –Jeremiah 1: 17-19

If the LORD is with us who can be against us?  We can do this.  Let’s do it in the name of the LORD.

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Voter fraud – worse than you can possibly imagine

O.M.G.!  Your Irascible Correspondent did not believe it was possible to be any more outraged at the betrayal of the United States of America, but I was wrong.   Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben of American Intelligence Media have been digging around for quite some time and unearthed devastating web of information regarding the 2020 rigged election.  I confess that I had never heard of these guys before (h/t Jeffrey Prather), but they demonstrate their acumen by the documentary evidence they present in support of their claims.  Claims which mesh with what we already know or strongly suspect.  There is a screen shot of their video, but the video itself I have not found, though there is a link to the audio recording below the screen shot on the page.

I am going to summarize their main points but I am not going to link to every thing that we already know, or ought to know as these things have been discussed elsewhere.

Since last November we have discovered that the CIA working with the DOD has developed and deployed software and systems to manipulate elections throughout the world for many years.  These systems have been applied to elections in the United States.  The various voting machine brands (Dominion, Smartmatic, etc.) though separate companies are all owed and operated by a single parent company, Scytl, SA, a Spanish company owned by the Paragon Group Limited, a UK company.  All these companies along with the Associated Press and US agencies the DOD, CIA, CISA are in bed with Amazon, Mircosoft.  Is it any surprise, then, why the CEO of Smartmatic, after lying about the security of his voting machines resigned and was made head of George Soros’ Open Society Foundations?

Obama turned control of all US elections over to Scytl, a foreign owned company, ALL US ELECTIONS ARE RUN AND CONTROLLED BY PRIVATE COMPANY, A FOREIGN COMPANY AT THAT.  This why the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors can believably claim that they don’t have the Administrator password to their voting machines, and therefore control of their own election, because the whole thing was controlled from someplace else.  This is why the Deep State is intent on stopping or wrecking the Maricopa County election audit.

But that dam is already cracking.  In New Hampshire the city of Windham voted to hold an election audit, and now the fight is on as to who the auditors will be.  Antrim County, Michigan, had a forensic audit of the voting machines and a hand recount of all the ballots, but because of the anomalies discovered a full audit is being called for.  There will be more.

Until such time as the American electoral system can be restored the United States is not a democratic republic, we are subjects of an occupying power:

a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information. They were not were rigging the election; they were fortifying it. And they believe the public needs to understand the system’s fragility in order to ensure that democracy in America endures.

I suspect that more and more Americans are realizing just how fragile the system is, how desperately it needs to overhauled and reformed, if America’s freedom is to mean anything at all.

Its time, people.  Let’s get to it.

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Living examples of revolution and counter revolution

Today we take a quick look of this week’s example of Revolution and counter revolution.  On the revolution side, standing for the Marxist civilization destroying death cult we have Professors Gina Harris and Ralph Martire of Roosevelt University chatting on a hot mike.  The most disturbing thing about this clip is not so much that the two are so smug and full of self regard, it is that they they feel perfectly safe exposing their activities in public.  They are safe, and they know it.

For our example of counter revolution we have the parents of kids in the Vail, Arizona school system who objected to the school board’s decision to continue to require the kids to wear masks all day at school.  You can read the set up here, so that the video clip makes sense.  What I love about this is that these parents didn’t initiate any kind of violence nor did they threaten violence.  It was the sitting members of the school board that fled the scene, prompting recollections of the Scriptures where it says “The wicked flee where none pursue.”  Then they spontaneously organized themselves, conducted an impromptu election and exercised their civic authority when the elected officials abdicated their responsibility.

Makes me so proud to be an American.  This is how counter revolution is done.

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Special ops guys discuss the fight to restore the country

This  is  a great  discussion,  very  useful to Patriots working to restore the Republic.Listen to it again and take notes, it is that good.

Here is a link to the interview he mentioned.

Here he is being interviewed on InfoWars.

Here is a link to the story of the Vietnam veteran arrested for pulling a gun while defending himself against an Antifa attack in Portland.