Newest Sign of California’s Decline: Pirates

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The rule of law continues to decline all across California. Today’s case in point: Oakland Bay, where actual pirates are stealing and plundering ships:

  • In Oakland estuary, “the threats of pirates have risen to a new level.”
  • A few weeks ago, they were coming in off the water to steal dinghies, but now they’ve moved on to much larger boats.
  • A man outfitted his 40 foot boat as a survival home, and thieves came into the marina and stole it. He spotted it stuck to nearby rocks and asked police to impound it. They said he needed to file a police report first.
  • The police never came and his insurance company called to tell him the boat had been found trashed. “The stole GPS equipment, engine parts and three handguns.”
  • Two other large boats were stolen the same week.
  • Boat owners are now going armed.
  • The city of Oakland only has one boat officer.
  • Boat owners say they’re going to ban[d] together to do whatever they must to protect themselves. “We don’t bother to call the police anymore. We’re going to handle it ourselves.”

California Democrats war on the rule of law in the name of “Social Justice” continues to fray the fabric of society. Piracy in the Americas died out because British naval action made it no longer profitable enough to be worth the increased risk. In their hurry to unmake civilization, social justice warriors have gone so soft on crime that it’s starting to become profitable again, at least in California.

This story is the flip side of state bureaucrats seizing the boats of poor people just because they’re offend limousine liberal eyes.

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UpdateThe Coast Guard is now getting involved.

As predicted by your Irascible Correspondent, during civilization’s collapse every crime becomes a capital crime with immediate enforcement.

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