The new and updated Rules for Radicals – Beautiful Trouble

The activists of the radical left continue to tie everybody in knots as they smash their way through to the destruction of the United States, Western civ, and indeed, civilization itself.

Here is the website (click here to see how well developed their materials are) that is the brains of the tactical operation.  Once the real thought leaders finally take control, which they will unless they are stopped, these radical foot soldiers will be kicked to the curb and destroyed.

These lunatics have developed very sophisticated and effective tactics while the right is only just beginning to develop tactics of their own, particularly in the use of satire and mockery of all things woke.  We should continue to use these tactics, and ramp up their use, particularly as the left has no sense of humor and can’t meme to save its carbonized soul.

Enough ordinary people have woken up to the fact that stolidly standing in the ranks of the silent majority  while ignoring the the culture war is not a battle plan to defeat the left.  We can no longer stand aloof from those wars as being beneath our dignity.  America’s enemies are eating our lunch, or rather, are eating our young in order to destroy our future.

Sun Tzu, the famous ancient Chinese military genius, is quite correct in saying that there can be no path to victory if you do not know your enemy.  That means knowing his strategy and his tactics.  It is time to understand what they are actually doing and turn those same tactics against them.

You can find a free copy of the book on the Internet Archive or you can click on the image of the book to download it.

This is an excellent resource to use in conjunction with General Michael Flynn’s The Citizen’s Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare: Introduction to 5GW Humanity’s Fight Against Globalism mentioned in the previous post.

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