The counter revolution will be a tough fight, CRT is just the start

The fight of a small Texas city against Critical Race Theory throws important light on what it takes to win.  The American Mind carries the story, including a concise summary of what is needed:

There are four lessons to learn from the Southlake victory:

  • Use Freedom of Information Act requests to get the real story
  • Recruit qualified candidates who reflect the community’s values
  • Start early to build a real grassroots base
  • Run a professional political campaign

Not specifically mentioned, but clear when you read (and by all means PLEASE READ) the story, is relentless determination and grit.  We have the tools, now we need relentless Patriots to use the tools.  Calls for volunteers will be going out soon.  Search your soul and decide that will do something within the limits of your strength, to take back our republic one door knock, one phone call, one personal contact at a time.

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