Must-hear interview: Steve Koonin on why so much that people “know” about “climate change” is wrong

The Spin, Strangeness and Charm blog sheds light on the climate discussion:

Note: we’re talking here not about some right-wing political hack, but about the deputy Energy Secretary in the 0bama regime, er, “administration” — a former provost of Caltech who also literally wrote the book on computer modeling.

He explains just how much we don’t know about global climate, how flawed the models are… and how all of this is actually to be found in the full technical text of the IPCC report. The trouble is, nobody outside the scientific community ever reads the thousands of pages of stuff there – and instead they rely on the Summary for Policy Makers, compiled by a committee of political hacks. Or even worse, on an even further condensation by journalistic hacks more ignorant and tendentious.

At the end of this “game of telephone” (his term), you get the current hysteria.

You don’t need to see the video – but if you want to hear an hour’s worth of a truly mind-opening podcast, listen to this. You won’t regret it.

This guy knows science and talks truth about science. What so many others have done is take the trust people have in science, stripped it of data and the scientific method, and made it into SCIENTISM, a cult, a false religion, draping itself with the prestige of science to achieve wealth, fame and power.

Mug of the day, get yours now!

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