Minnesota’s America-hating AG Keith Ellison just admitted the chilling truth about George Floyd – it was all a lie

Revolver News brings the fire (with a Tucker Carlson video):

It seems like almost everything the propaganda media and corrupt government tell us ends up being false. From “weapons of mass destruction” to COVID, the 2020 election, and even the death of George Floyd, each of these spin jobs conceals a different actual “truth.” When these truths are revealed, they expose the deep-seated rot in our country.

Revolver recently published a thought-provoking article on this topic, highlighting the absolute decay of our judicial system and the deterioration of juries, which has steered America into a dark, unjust wasteland wrought with radical activism and blind stupidity.


The Anglo-American common law was supposed to save Derek Chauvin. That it failed to says a lot about the America we all actually live in now.

It’s been two and a half years since the former Minneapolis police officer was convicted of murder for the death of drug addict and lifelong criminal George Floyd. Chauvin is barely one-tenth into his twenty-two-year prison sentence, which he is serving concurrently with a 21-year federal sentence for depriving Floyd of his “civil rights.”

The Chauvin verdict was an obvious, sick joke from the moment it happened, but even on the American right, the full realization of this fact seems to have taken until the last few weeks.

Helping to lead the charge was Fox host-turned-X-titan Tucker Carlson, who highlighted little-noticed recent developments in the Chauvin aftermath.

It turns out everything you were told about the Floyd case was a lie. Are you shocked? We didn’t think so.

Yet, the Revolver piece highlights that the problem is more profound than just the Floyd issue. It’s a symptom of the deeper decline in our government, education, and justice systems. We’re a nation in grave danger, with these outcomes being the telltale signs of our fall. We encourage you to read the piece entitled,“Trial by Ordeal: The Chauvin Verdict and the Dark, Embarrassing Truth of the American Jury System.”

Meanwhile, unsettling revelations about George Floyd and the lies we’ve been fed continue to emerge. In one of the most startling confessions, the AG from Minnesota, known for his disdain for America, has now admitted the ultimate truth about the George Floyd case—a situation we were told centered around racism. Our country witnessed riots and death, all in the name of George Floyd, the so-called “persecuted” man allegedly victimized by American racism.

Yet, as Keith Ellison now states, racism was never actually a factor in the case.

Here’s the stark reality in a nutshell: Our ruling elite, including the media and political figures, incited angry black (and some diverse, equitable, and inclusive) mobs with the lie that George Floyd was murdered by a white cop simply because of his race. In response, these mobs rioted, destroyed people’s livelihoods, ruined lives, and committed murder, all under the banner of Floyd’s name and a complete and total “race hoax.”

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