Living examples of revolution and counter revolution

Today we take a quick look of this week’s example of Revolution and counter revolution.  On the revolution side, standing for the Marxist civilization destroying death cult we have Professors Gina Harris and Ralph Martire of Roosevelt University chatting on a hot mike.  The most disturbing thing about this clip is not so much that the two are so smug and full of self regard, it is that they they feel perfectly safe exposing their activities in public.  They are safe, and they know it.

For our example of counter revolution we have the parents of kids in the Vail, Arizona school system who objected to the school board’s decision to continue to require the kids to wear masks all day at school.  You can read the set up here, so that the video clip makes sense.  What I love about this is that these parents didn’t initiate any kind of violence nor did they threaten violence.  It was the sitting members of the school board that fled the scene, prompting recollections of the Scriptures where it says “The wicked flee where none pursue.”  Then they spontaneously organized themselves, conducted an impromptu election and exercised their civic authority when the elected officials abdicated their responsibility.

Makes me so proud to be an American.  This is how counter revolution is done.

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