If you are reading this you are a White Identity Terrorist or a Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremist or both

The Government has just spent $200,000,000 to help you and everybody else to discover that you are, to cut to the chase, an Enemy of the People.  And here you thought you were a loyal American quietly going about your business while exercising your God given rights under the Constitution.  You were wrong.  You, Patriot reader, are a card carrying member of the White Identity Terrorist Movement (WITM) or a Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremist (REMVE) or both.  I, your Irascible Correspondent, will prove it to you with the Mapping White Identity Terrorism and Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremism research report recently published by Rand Corporation.  It is available on the internet at the Rand Corporation website (for now, anyway), or you can click on the image to your left to download the pdf.

This infallible Marxist inspired text will serve as a training guide to FBI, law enforcement and education personnel to help them spot and scotch those awful White Identity Terrorists and Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremists in order to protect democracy for the real people (not you).  You know, the ones like Antifa and Black Lives Matter who only engage in mostly peaceful rioting, looting, arson, assault and murder, the ones they don’t show on the news so you know aren’t white because they don’t fit the Anti-White narrative.

The Marxists have embarked on a divide and conquer strategy that mas morphed over time and now has identified people of European descent and heritage as the bete noir to be destroyed.  Even the most cursory examination of the text reveals that the whole thing is a put-up job.  Ideas and attitudes that have been commonplace in American culture for decades if not centuries, even obvious truths about universal human nature are labeled as wicked and dangerous.  The whole thing is premised on lies and would be laughable were it not that the Woke Occupying Power is determined to leverage these lies to increase their control by eliminating anybody that does not agree with their evil doctrine from soup to nuts.

Which is not to say that anybody can afford to ignore this.  These reports form the pretext for Woke policies to disenfranchise over half the country.  If you are white, a friend to whites, enjoy Western Civilization, are a Republican, a believer in Free Enterprise, enjoy the company of like minded people, support the family, don’t buy into the LGBTQWaterlily agenda, think that the upbringing of your kids is your responsibility, support traditional marriage, like the Latin Mass, go to church, are a Christian, if you are any of these things and many more, many which have yet to be birthed by the bleeding edge of political correctness, you, my friend, are an Enemy of the People and a target.  You will be isolated, broken financially and psychologically, and ultimately destroyed.

A totalitarian police state ruled by blithering idiots and kept in line by violent Woke thugs is not inevitable.  Most sane people don’t want it, and actually hate the idea.  Most people with whine and moan about it but will not do anything to thwart it.  But problems don’t get solved by whiners and moaners.  Americans have succeeded because we don’t just complain, we take action.

If you want to take action click on the image on the right and let’s get the Counter Revolution on.


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