Grooming our children, Part 2: ‘Smash heteronormativity

From The Conservative Woman:

Are parents aware of what children from four years old are being taught about sex in our schools? Belinda Brown thinks not. In a new series for TCW she says our children are being exposed to state-sponsored ‘relationships and sex education’ that is tantamount to a national grooming programme. The first step – getting parents out of the way – she described in yesterday’s first part. Today she focuses on the extreme ideological agenda underlying this perverse ‘sex education’ mission.

IF YOU are going to conduct a revolution successfully, the first thing to do is get those who might resist it out of the way. Parents being systematically removed from their children’s Relationships and Sex Education and replaced by school ‘educators’ with a very different agenda should be a big red flag. So too should a key mantra of the new education agenda, symbolised by its insistence that we ‘smash heteronormativity’. 

If thought corrupts language, language can corrupt thought. So it is with the term ‘heteronormativity’, a word designed to blur the fact that human beings are heterosexual, biologically and socially. Like racism and sexism, this thinking is framed within a spurious equality narrative. Pupils are required to rethink everything they know about being male or female and enter a world of deceit. All their assumptions about sexual relationships, marriage, parenthood and everything it means to be a boy, girl, woman or man are challenged by an adult in authority. They are taught that these (in every sense) hereditary ‘assumptions’ are caused by artificial ‘gender norms’ which cause discrimination, conflict and oppression. They are made to feel guilty and wrong for believing them because they give ‘advantages and rewards to heterosexual people . . . and that these same benefits are not granted to LGBT people’. This is not about teaching understanding or toleration of difference, it’s about abusing power to bend the minds of children, indoctrinating them. This is the same generation of children who, in an independent survey, said they believed a lasting relationship in adult life was just as or more important than their careers and for the vast majority of whom marriage was a life goal.

At school, however, they are told their aspiration to marriage, children and normal loving relationships with the opposite sex is to be equated to racism, colonialism and everything bad because ‘heteronormativity is a key form of privilege and ‘homophobia and sexism [are] experienced as a result’. Sex ‘educators’ unscrupulously offer children the opportunity to cast off these gender norms by adopting an alternative ‘cis’ identity or by engaging in less traditional sexual practices. Cisgender is another Orwellian term speciously used to describe men or women as people whose gender identity matches the sex they were assigned at birth. As though that was not normal but a matter of choice. Another lie, of course. If pupils do not cooperate, they are encouraged to believe they are responsible for harm to others. This is no less than authorised bullying. A young man describes how this happens in schools here. 

Several techniques are harnessed to achieve this end. One is to persuade children that the idea that we are all born male or female is simply a form of labelling and stereotyping, that associated social and cultural norms (such as that men are stronger) are only that, with no basis in reality. The Department for Education guidance tells schools they need to challenge such ‘stereotypes’. RSE ‘educators’ go one further. They lead children to believe there is something dreadful about them against which they must rebel.

Examples of this can be found if we look at Hoyle and McGeeney’s book Great Relationships and Sex Education, so approved by local authorities that they distributed it free to teachers.

In one teaching activity, ‘Gender Boxes’, children are introduced to the idea that gender is like a box which contains all the things you must do or be to be a real woman or man. In another activity, pupils are provided with a flip chart with the columns ‘Act like a man’ or ‘Be ladylike’, which they fill in. All are accompanied by leading questions as to why these are wrong.

It is only those who want to pretend that our sex is of no significance who insist that we are hemmed in and limited by it. Their ultimate goal is to break down all sex differences. For example, Dr Elly Barnes, the founder of sex education charity Educate and Celebrate, encourages nursery and primary schools to be ‘gender-neutral’ and says such advice is suitable for ‘children of all genders’ because young children are ‘fluid’. This includes encouraging children into role-playing the opposite sex as well as restricting access to the ‘wrong’ sort of toys.

The damage done by this is precisely because children below the age of six or seven are at a stage of cognitive development when they cannot possibly understand these concepts. They are as suggestible as they are powerless. It is also inappropriate early sexualisation. Most small children express their sex quite clearly, some less so. It shouldn’t be a matter of pre-occupation. All are aware that boys and girls and men and women are different. The virtues and purpose of these differences needs reinforcing, not abolishing!

By being deprived of this most basic building block, children are put at risk of all the confusion that is then exploited as gender dysphoria and leads them down the dangerous trans path.

The replacement of identity nouns such as mother, father, boy, girl by ‘de-sexed’ words such as participant, student, carer or parent 1 and parent 2 is par for the course. But it should be resisted. Woke, virtue signalling gender pressure encourages teachers to use ‘they’ ‘them’ ‘their’ pronouns instead of the biologically and grammatically correct he/him/his and she/her/hers. In this constructed world it becomes necessary to talk about men and women as ‘people who have a penis’ or ‘anyone with a uterus’. It is as dangerous as it is nonsensical. Schools are removing the words ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ from their dress codes. Mixed toilets, already shockingly common in schools (more than a quarter no longer have single-sex toilets), have no regard for the need for privacy, especially for menstruating girls.

If teachers have to talk about sexual intercourse they are encouraged to refer to ‘penis and vagina sex’ for fear of stooping to ‘heterosexism’ – ceding to the truth that a man and woman were involved. Children’s bodies are no longer male and female. Instead, they are broken down into body parts. So our essential humanity is denied in a cultural revolution that even Mao could not have anticipated.

The series continues tomorrow.

Belinda’s video explaining how ‘Relationships and Sex Education’ in schools is disrupting the identity development of children, making them vulnerable to ideological manipulation, can be viewed here.

And her video showing how the Department for Education, with no real interest in parent’s views about how their children should be educated with regards to sex and relationships, has left the field wide open to RSE sharks, can be viewed here. 

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