Discussion with Dr. Meryl Nass about the insanity of the WHO Pandemic Treaty

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Meryl Nass has recently published a very important summary paper reviewing the WHO Pandemic Treaty:
Meryl’s COVID Newsletter
Don’t read this if you already read the Brownstone version on the WHO Treaty. I added 1,000 words, tightened it up. BEST VERSION
The WHO’s Pandemic Treaty Will Increase Man-Made Pandemics Meryl Nass, MD This report is designed to help readers think about some big topics: how to really prevent pandemics and biological warfare, how to assess proposals by the WHO and its members for responding to pandemics, and whether we can rely on our health officials to navigate these areas in way…
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I found this paper very informative for anyone who wants to know what the cabal is up to. We set up a zoom to discuss this document and related issues. We talked about the history of bio-chemical warfare as well as WHO and UN current purpose as vehicles for the global mafia to subvert and eliminate sovereign nations. We also talked about the history of gain-of-function development and differences between natural and artificial genomes. (My personal view that it is inappropriate/confusing to call synthetic nucleic acid constructs “genomes”, I will write more about this later). We discussed the history of multi-billion dollar industry of “biodefense” stemming from fictional narratives and the government’s desire to establish monopolies by which taxpayers’ money can be funneled into private interests (including those of the government officials).

The most insane feature of the WHO treaty is that it incentivizes GOF, in fact requires it in every country, and then requires sharing of the most dangerous poisoning agents developed via this approach. It also requires the countries to obtain and sequence the genomes of their people. What can possibly go wrong with this! Finally we discuss steps that everyone can take: most importantly, become vocal about this, try to discuss it with your government representatives and make them aware that you oppose this. There is already a substantial number of US Congresspeople (49, all GOP) who oppose the treaty.

Dr. Nass has a website:


which hosts very short (500 words) articles on these subjects with you can use to communicate and share this information!


PS. I know which genes make you resistant to HIV – the same ones that make you straight and monogamous.

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