The California GOP is Helping the Dems Drive California Into the Ground

Only We Can Stop It

On May 25 or thereabouts the California ProLife Council published an email which crystallized the bottom line reason why California needs a viable voter contact software separate from and independent of whatever the institutional GOP is using.

“We find it alarming that the Republican Party would use it’s limited resources, at this time, to prematurely support a candidate who stands in open defiance of the party platform, not only on protecting vulnerable children, but on so many of the party’s essential planks,” said Kim Allen, spokeswoman for California ProLife.

Republicans invest Money to elect Democrat Supermajority
“What’s alarming about this push from within the current state Republican party is that this ongoing effort to elect progressive Republicans has directly funded and elected Democrats! Both Assembly members Chad Mayes and Brian Meinschien had been recruited and instructed by the state party consultants. They were expressly guided to take progressive policy positions. The state party then used vast amounts of Republican money in safe Republican districts and the consultants – who like the Lincoln Project, retain large portions of those funds for these ‘services’ – insisted that other candidates must now follow that model, ” said Allen.

But upon election to office, both Mayes, then Assembly Minority Leader, and Meinschien, decided to renounce the Republican Party and its platform, openly voting with the Democrat caucus! Electing these progressives was not an accident- it was intentional!

Unlike other state’s Republican parties, California’s Republican Party insiders have expressly decided to simply champion the ideology of Democrats,” said Allen. “And they are getting precisely what they seek, their own defeat and implosion of the state party. They are literally campaigning for the platform of the Democrats… and electing legislators FOR the Democrat party.

Exactly!  What we are seeing is a repeat of the fate of the Tea Party.  The Tea Party movement arose as a grass roots response to the radical left wing policies of the Obama Administration.  The Tea Party’s enthusiasm and commitment was quickly seized on by the Institutional GOP, milked for volunteers, votes and donations, then betrayed, repudiated and abandoned.

Whatever his other faults Donald Trump crystallized the aspirations and love of country of millions of patriotic Americans.  He became the focal point and spokesman for all those who longed to see America achieve her true potential in the Make America Great Again movement.  Donald Trump has been sidelined by the results of the 2020 election, but the movement he spearheaded retains its core love of America and millions of enthusiastic proponents.

Now the California GOP is trying to do the same thing to the Make America Great Again movement that they did to the Tea Party.

  • Wave the flag and get Patriots all excited
  • Talk big about right of center candidates and causes
  • Call for volunteers and then not employ them
  • Call for donations which they will funnel to their cronies
  • Secretly under fund and undercut right of center candidates
  • Promote “Progressive” left of center RINOs
  • Become strangely unavailable when called to account

We’ve seen this again and again, and every time the result is the same, Republican defeat, Republican discouragement and lots of seasoned Republicans dropping out of participation in the California Republican Party and very often in the electoral process entirely.

It doesn’t have to be this way.   Here’s how it can be different: grass roots MAGA supporters and Patriotic Americans take over the Republican Party.  It is beginning to take place in other States and it can take place in California too.

Here’s how.

By all accounts the CA GOP has decent voter contact software which it licenses to Republican campaigns but otherwise strictly controls.  This is in sharp contrast to the Democrat Party which makes its voter contact software available to all Democrat campaigns and allies whether or not associated with a specific Dem candidate, campaign or issue.  The Democrats have no enemies to the Left, and neither, clearly, does the California Institutional GOP.

California MAGA Coalition has ground floor access to superior, proven voter contact software, called rVotes, which we will make licenses available to any and all causes and candidates in California that support traditional American values consistent with the American Constitution and the Republican Party platform.

  • Conservative office seekers
  • ProLife groups
  • Free speech advocates
  • Second Amendment groups
  • Fiscal responsibility advocates
  • Election reform advocates
  • School Choice movements
  • Opponents of radical leftist agendas at the school board level

These are just a few of the many, many interest groups on the right that could take advantage of the rVotes system to advance their causes, and the cause of  traditional, Constitutional American values, at the grass roots level.  It yanks the power away from corrupt GOP insiders and puts the power of Constitutional government back exactly where it belongs, with We the People.

How does this work?

The real power of the American Party system is the precinct system.  That is the fundamental building block on which everything else is built.  Politically active citizens maintaining contact with their like minded neighbors.  Precinct Committeemen elect a Precinct Chairman, Precinct Chairmen elect District Chairmen, they in turn elect County Chairmen who elect the State Chairman for each state.

The California GOP abolished the precinct system and now operates on a more centralized model, yet the precinct maps are still relevant, and can be leveraged to infiltrate the GOP at the District and County level.  Even without going to the the chain mobilizing Republican and Conservative voters at the neighborhood level remains an important and worthy goal.  To this end the rVotes system would be an invaluable component.

To implement rVotes we need $20,000 in seed money to get the system off the ground.  The powerful computer servers needed to run the system, the support personnel, the power requirements and necessary internet bandwidth do not come cheap.

  • Break the power of the Institutional GOP
  • Restore accountability in the GOP chain of command
  • Restore a voice to Republicans and conservatives at the local level
  • Create more effective Republican voter turnout
  • Get rid of the RINOs
  • Begin winning elections again

For all these reasons we at California MAGA Coalition needs your support.  Make your generous donation by clicking on the yellow button below an pay by credit card or PayPal.  Do it now.

There is only one thing I can guarantee.  If nothing changes we’re going to continue to get the same tragic results: Make America Grieve Again doesn’t cut it, we need to Make America Great Again.

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